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DuRoss Wolfhounds – it’s a family affair …

My life was enriched 36 years ago when my father-in-law gave me my first Irish Wolfhound as a present. Clara helped me raise my three kids as she was their companion and cushion.

She also eagerly helped me to start a new garden by digging holes where grown-ups could hide in and seeing to it that most of the trees I bought were chewed to pieces before I could even plant them.

The Irish Wolfhound addiction never ended and I’ve had one or more in my house ever since.

When we moved to a new town in 1990 I stopped teaching and started being a full time mom. That was such a privilege to spend my days with my kids and animals. I also started taking art lessons and from that stemmed the need to frame. I started a small framing business from home, which helps pay for my passions… my dogs and horses.


Our History and EVERYDAY

Lives with our Pack

When my kids finished their studies and moved out of the house I imported three wolfhounds (Gregor, Kira and Mieke) from Europe and started showing them with great success.

Gregor, Kira and Mieke

My kennel name, Duross, was registered, and all three dogs gained South African Champion status. My bitches had the third and sixth position in the top ten list for 2010 and the one was runner up Irish Wolfhound for 2011 and top bitch for 2010 and 2012.

My day usually starts a few minutes after the first birds start singing. I am awoken by very enthusiastic wet noses who know their morning walk is minutes away. They all sleep in my room, but the happiness they show when they realise that I am awake makes it seem as if they had seen me weeks ago.  We go for a nice long, off-leash walk in the open veld near my home. After breakfast their day is spent sleeping and taking up all the space near me. My husband calls them my moveable rugs. Later in the afternoon they know it is fun time again when they join me when I go to the farm where my horse is stabled. They love going to the stables as there are often rabbits and ground squirrels to chase and occasionally hoof shards to scavenge after the farrier was there.

I have a wonderful friend who owns a holiday home in Hartenbos, a lovely little coastal town in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. This is also the area where I grew up as a kid, so it is usually an extra special time for us to be there. We are so lucky to be able to take the dogs along and our days are filled with walks along the pristine beach. The joy and exuberance of my four legged children can only be imagined by somebody who had taken their wolfhounds to the beach too. It must be the openness and water that fills them with so much energy.

(From left to right)

My outdoor


They love adventures just about as much as we do …

Apart from being gentle, intelligent giants, Irish Wolfhounds are energetic and outgoing dogs with a great sense of adventure – just one more reason why we fell in love with the breed.

Irish Wolfhounds in SA