CH Pitlochry’s Uncle Sting of Duross


Date of Birth:
5 October 2013

Sire: NL FR CH WW-11 Pitlochry’s O’Bryan Orak

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About Sting

Sting (Ch Pitlochry’s Uncle Sting) was a goofy teddy bear who were just out to please me.  He rarely had any quarrel with his pack members as they all admired and respected his gentle way of interacting.  Sting was the best sleeping partner and travel companion one could have asked for.   He was adored by everybody who had the privilege to meet this people –loving-hound.  He collapsed with pneumonia and died within a few hours even though my amazing vet put up the most heroic fight for his life.

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  • BOB x 3
  • RBOB x 2
  • CC x 8
  • FCI Graded Excellent

  • BOB x 6
  • RBOB x 3
  • FCI Graded Excellent

In loving


Sadly, Sting died at 5 years and 4 months old on 13 February 2019 due to pneumonia.

His legacy lives on through Daya, his daughter.